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Change of Address for M-Base Blog

Yo, Everyone who is following this blog should move over to m-base.net which is my new members’ site. In addition to many more extensive blog material, there are performance videos, instructional videos, member forums, video interviews, etc. Eventually I’ll move these blogs over to the new site also. Hope to see you over there. Peace, … Continue reading

GPS and LPS Greek and then Medieval Theoretical Musical Structures

In this email I am going to use the terminology for both the ancient Greek Harmoniai, the later ancient Greek Tonoi (and Tropoi) along with the Medieval Tonus (which are theoretical constructions that were attempts to organize and ‘explain’ the ecclesiastic plainchants) and later became the Medieval Modes. When I am talking about ‘Mese’ and … Continue reading

Negative Rhythms?

Hey Mr.Coleman, Thank you very much for the class yesterday at SIM. It was very intense, and the most engaging masterclass we have had so far. I thought it was very well organized as far as playing vs. explaining, and I had a great time clapping and singing through everything. I am writing because you … Continue reading

The ‘nexus’ of a Musical Language and Jazz

WordPress.com I have a personal/musical question for you. Something I am really struggling with is the nexus between my own personal musical language and that of jazz. What helped you focus on your own vocabulary most, especially when collaborating with other musicians? How did you escape the expectations so many other players seem to have … Continue reading

Symmetric Questions

WordPress.com Many times people send me email asking various questions about my music. If I have the time (many times I don’t) I respond in detail. I have decided to post a few of these responses as some may find the discussions interesting. I will keep these posts pretty much in the same informal style … Continue reading

Timbral Improvisation

WordPress.com Music is one of the various sonic projections of who we are as humans (language being another one). Although all sonic projections are symbolic, music represents the more emotive side of human experience. The basic emotions of happiness/sadness, attraction/repulsion, courage/fear, love/hate, anticipation/despair, affection/anger, pleasure/pain (and any of these can be combined with surprise) can … Continue reading

In case you don’t know what M-BASE is…(read more)

Just as an introduction to this blog, especially for those who are not familiar with my work, this page is here to discuss what M-Base is and what it is not. If you are already familiar with M-BASE, you can move on to the other posts on this page. What M-Base is not: An acronym … Continue reading